Logo Compilation

Branding is one of my favorite disciplines of design. Communicating the essence and overall vibe of a brand in a distinct & memorable mark is a design problem I love to solve. Here is a collection of my favorite small business logos I've partnered with their owners to create.

Role: Designer (Solo)
Company: Freelance
Deliverables: Logo & Brand Collateral, Brand Guidelines
Tools Used: Illustrator, Photoshop

Ruca Foodservice

A foodservice specializing in high-quality, chef prepared meals for Chicago schools, the owner of Ruca Foodservice wanted his logo to feel like an art deco era wrought iron door.

Civic Siren

An experimental alternative rock band, Civic Siren's logo reflects the harmonious & mystical nature of their unique sound.

Outlast Sports Nutrition

A hydration & electrolytes powder for endurance athletes, the Outlast Sports Nutrition logo is a visual nod to its brand slogan, "Go Farther Faster."

Without Limits Publishing Co.

A small independent publisher of outdoor adventure memoirs, the Without Limits Publishing logo embodies the spirit of the stories its books tell.

Jay Wendt Barber

A traditionally trained barber, my client wanted a memorable yet simple logo integrating a straight razor and a bluejay as a reference to his name.


A non-profit that serves to connect Chicago-area MBA candidates to established business mentors, the 3Gentlemen logo evokes a tone of vintange chivalry.

Cookies & Carnitas

A restaurant in Chicago's Uptown neighborhood, caterer, and Green City Market Vendor, the Cookies & Carnita's logo takes cues from Mexican folk art and its namesake products.

Matt Logan Music

A music therapist, guitarist, performer, and teacher, Matt Logan needed memorable a logo to encompass all of his many roles.

JoLynn Designs

A custom jewelry designer & retailer, the JoLynn Designs logo reflects the elegance & simplicity for which its one-of-a-kind pieces are known.

Christmas in June

A Washington, D.C. area non-profit that provides meals to disadvantaged elementary students throughout the summer months, Christmas in June's logo radiates a spirit of giving.